Salt by Tony Nova may be the AFRO/Tribal House Music track of the Year

Wow, Tony Nova does it again. Salt, Inspired by Space Travel and the Big Bang Theory. Tony Nova brings a spacey, Afro Deep, Tech joint for you.

Some Deep Tech-House Music for your video playlist with Drums Live Percussion in the mix.

Catch DR. Tingle Fingers and Tony Nova bang-out some Deep House and Tech House Drums Live Percussion in the mix.

DJ Jes One is back with Train Yard Acid: Jack The Traxxx

On the Journey trough time and space DJ Jes One is back with a tripe threat in Acid House with Train Yard Acid: Jack The Traxxx.

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Back to the Groove with this stellar minimal deep techno production | Now in all stores!

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More house and techno Music downloads for the minimal DJ set

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From the minds of Tony & Unsel Brown aka “The Brown Brothers” from Detroit. Comes this deep minimal techno house track named ‘Gravitational Wave. The track is DJ set ready complete with acid hook, deep madness, minimal drum programming building from layers of space that makes the party or club  wanting more; making it  a truly hypnotic song this is a top download for you.
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Deep therapy’ is your new Deep House Music download for your ear pleasure.

Do you love deep house music and jazzy house music?
Are you constantly updating your dj set with the hottest deep house tracks?

Do you love the deeper side of house music and great beats but you do not know where to download deep house music?
If you have said yes to any of these questions, then This mix is for you. Read More

Add some Acid House mixed with Detroit Techno to your Playlist or DJ set.

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Underground Science by the Ann Arbor Electric Company is more than is more than just a Techno track.  It’s a pure electric from the bottom up take a borderline minimal and mix it with fat bass and a hot Acid House melody you get ” Underground Science” Read More

Update: DJ’s Download Deep & Jazzy House Music Vol I | Music Mobile App for Android

Update 6/21/14:

Deep & Jazzy House Music Vol I

This mobile app for android is something no Deep House DJ  should pass  on.  This app features five rare Deep Jazzy House Music songs. The app a unique blend of Deep House Music and Electric Jazz mixed together in perfect harmony. Songs like this brings something new to the table as it brings brand new emotions by manipulating the standard feel good progressions of House Music and Jazzy Deep Music . Each song is has its own vibe and style. If you like Nuj-Jazz, Deep House, Chill, Bossa House or anything Deep. This App is for you. Live now on Google Play this music app won’t disappoint.

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Download your late night Techno Banger “Volume Control” for your DJ Set

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Electronic Music Group The Ann Arbor Electric Company bangs the beat with Volume Control. This DJ tool has all the elements of a late night banger. The track was tested and true at this year’s Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) by Ali Noeb at various gigs around the city of Techno.   Read More

T.B.C. Evolution of Deep lands on itunes & Amazon

Download it here form itunes or  We have been getting great reviews and spins from DJ’S worldwide on The Deep House Smash Evolution of Deep by
T.B.C. Get your copy today at your favorite download store or download it here form itunes or


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Download our deep jazzy minimal mix: Evolution of Deep the DJ Mix PART 1

Download mp3: Imagine deep house-music blended with minimal techno mixed down to 115bpm, That’s the smooth vibe of our new DJ Mix Evolution of Deep. It features a demo mix of our new release Evolution of Deep by T.B.C. do to be released in July of 2012. Full of bossa grooves and old school house beats you will love this mix. Read More

Be the first to download T.B.C. from the brown brothers new track Hands of a DJ

Download here

Combining the hottest beats with instrumentation worthy of a live band, “Hands of a DJ” show you what can happen when you actually trust a DJ — you do not have to worry about whether you will like the next track or mix. You can let yourself go, to taste aural nuances that might otherwise pass you by.

 In the hands of the right DJ, music becomes more than just sounds to dance to, listen to, vibe to. In and of themselves, those things are fun to do, but all pale in comparison to music that actively takes the listener into a place where he is not acted upon or told to do something, but actually becomes one with the sounds he is hearing. Read More

A deep house download with a hot keyboard solo named jazz & jive

This deep house download is electronic music laced with the superlative sound that jazz-funk has to offer. What pushes it over the edge is the killer keyboard solo that both ties the other sounds in concert and tickles the ears with pleasure. This is a beautiful example of sonic wonderment that is unlike anything released before. Read More

Be the first to download Tony Nova’s new Track "Deep House Friday"

Be the first to download the new Deep House track from Tony Nova ” Deep House Friday” Download it before it goes on sale here at

Deep House Friday A hot new House Music song featuring jazzy house music flava mixed with jazz and bossa nova.

Deep House Friday Download

buy it here or google play

Tech-House for your Tuesday Download

We uploaded a Electronic sounding Tech-House track for your Tuesday download. It’s Beyound Water reall smooth kinda electronic sounding. Some DJ’s may like this either House Music or Techno will play.

Download mp3

Download hot new Dj Tool by Ali Noeb ”Jungle Love” hot Tech-House

Ali Noeb with funky innovative techno house track called ”Jungle Love”. A tvery fast allmost drum and bass song cause of it’s speed. The music on this download has substance. This bass is full enough to pound the walls in the club set or party.  Whats makes this mp3 different than other tech house tracks is the enormous bass line, drum loops gives this fine dance tune, all the essentials of a smooth house song.. but at the speed of a good jungle track A DJ Must.

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Full mp3 download here of Planet Full of Robots by Tony Brown

Techno madness from Tony Brown of the Brown Brothers with the complete mp3 download of his mad space odyssey track “Planet Full of Robots”. A true techno track with plastic sounding drums and keyboard sounds. Mixed by Ron Murphy in 2004

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A Salutes to Tech-House a mp3 download named: "The Gap"

A beastly mp3 download here. As part of our salute to Tech-House Music we give you this track acid sounds, and purl analog snyth programing and awesome drums. It’s Build up slow and peaks with mad acid and filters. Another great DJ Tool from

Download Mp3