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Harmonious Thelonious – Listen is a unique mix of Detriot Techno & African drumming

Artist—Harmonious Thelonious

Producer Stefan Schwander, aka Harmonious Thelonius describes his current project as “American minimalism vs. African drumming vs. European sequencing,” which is something that takes a minute to wrap your head around. American minimalism might conjure a few different things, but here it generally seems to imply something simple, melodic, easy to listen to. African drumming and European sequencing are more straight forward, but what does it mean coming from a German artist exactly? Whatever you want to call it, it is a unique and interesting mix that has given Schwander enough inspiration for two albums in two years under the Thelonius moniker.

Yet Listen and its predecessor Talking are as distinct as they are similar, with the latter album asserting sonic clarity, and the former, a patchwork of live tracks and studio tracks, demonstrating a uniform roughness. Read More

We review Pete Swanson Man With Potential it’s “Far Out” or the less tangible?

If you could say anything about the direction US electronic music took in 2011, now that we have at least a bit of perspective, it might be that underground artists found a taste for dance music and ran with it. Look anywhere from 100% Silk to Container. And it seems that Pete Swanson, producer and cofounder of Yellow Swan, has gotten on the same boat for his first solo album for label Type…kind of. The glitchy curtains and swirls of sound you might expect from a producer know up to now for arrhythmic ambiance are still there but so is a kick drum trying to breaking through.

Opener “Misery Beat,” might conjure early rave music on speed with rapid beats, high-frequency sounds and spastic melodies, but Swanson still seems more at home in non-dance contexts than in full on techno. “Remote View” courses with subtle beats, buzzes, string lines and whale songs before giving way to the title track that screams with density and noise laced with a melody coming in and out of view.

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Download hot new Dj Tool by Ali Noeb ”Jungle Love” hot Tech-House

Ali Noeb with funky innovative techno house track called ”Jungle Love”. A tvery fast allmost drum and bass song cause of it’s speed. The music on this download has substance. This bass is full enough to pound the walls in the club set or party.  Whats makes this mp3 different than other tech house tracks is the enormous bass line, drum loops gives this fine dance tune, all the essentials of a smooth house song.. but at the speed of a good jungle track A DJ Must.

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ghettotech Download I want you to make me cum

Hot New Nasty Download called I want you to make me cum by T.B.C.


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Electro weekend here at dancedance.com download "The One" by m33

We kick of the weekend with Electro. Some People call this track Techno some call it Electro please listen and give some feedbck. This is The Ron Murphy Edit Version. A Unknown Silly Ass recordings record Produced By Jared B aka M33. Thanks to Jared for the mp3 download.


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