Update: DJ’s Download Deep & Jazzy House Music Vol I | Music Mobile App for Android

Update 6/21/14:

Deep & Jazzy House Music Vol I

This mobile app for android is something no Deep House DJ  should pass  on.  This app features five rare Deep Jazzy House Music songs. The app a unique blend of Deep House Music and Electric Jazz mixed together in perfect harmony. Songs like this brings something new to the table as it brings brand new emotions by manipulating the standard feel good progressions of House Music and Jazzy Deep Music . Each song is has its own vibe and style. If you like Nuj-Jazz, Deep House, Chill, Bossa House or anything Deep. This App is for you. Live now on Google Play this music app won’t disappoint.

Featured Tracks:

Evolution of Deep Volume II by T.B.C. | DD906 (Release Date 16/8/2013)

Jazzy House Music Vibes, Vol. 4: Deep & Jazzy by Tony Nova | DD540

A incredible blend between straight-up house music and bossa nova beats embedded within an overall jazzy house feel. The production on the song is impeccable, and you can feel your body moving from the beginning to the end of this hot track.

Endurance by Ann Arbor Electric Company | DD900

The strong funky beats keep your feet tapping and makes Endurance a great song to get out on the dance floor and do your thing.

Digital-Jazz by Tony Brown | DD600

Evolution of Soul By A Man Made Marlon | DD901

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