Player Haters In This House- DJ Godfather’s Hottest Release Yet!

Dj Godfather has released a nice house track for everyone. Its called “Player Haters In This House” Now from the title, you already know its going to be good. The Godfather really went to work on this track. Its sick, id urge all electronic music fans to grab the mp3 download. Even if you don’t even listen to House music, grab the download! no one can refuse the Godfather.

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uploaded mp3 very hot electro-techno track

uploaded mp3 very hot electro-tech Jitters D-Lite By Dot Dash by via #soundcloud

listen to the midweek remix of "Booty Elec" by

The remix still hits with a loud 808 kick with pleny of Techno Vibes with “House Music” Under tones. this sounds great as a mp3 download file. It’s called “Booty Elec” what do you think?

Download Ghettotech Joint "Jitterss Delight" by Dot Dash

Dot Dash Strikes again with this Nasty Ghettotech Groove called Jitters Delight unreleased mp3 download. Full of 808 kick and 909 toms

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