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Be the first to Download and spin this rare Minimal House cut from Tony Nova

It’s the Unsel Brown remix of this hot track.

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Fans of Electronic Dance Music can now pump up the new Beatport player. Our fans who are Beatport customers and DJ’s can now Stream and purchase all of our Music on Beatport with one click. We feature House Music, Deep House Music, Techno & Nujazz

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Deep House Music tops this weeks Charts

The Smooth groove Larse – So Long hits the #1 spot here at this weekend. The smooth soun witch is a blend of minimal Detroit House Music and Chicago Deep, was the most requsted track at our late night party last night. Hot Strings and bass line with a great 909 kick.

Very Deep House Mix by Darko Corazzo

Midnight Existence 009 mix brings the smooth deep house mix for you chill with. It has the smooth deep house beat thatmove and rhodes key that make any House Mix mp3 mix hot.

Top 5 House Music Downloads Summer 2011

Everyone, check out the 5 hottest house music mp3 downloads! They are all dope and are worth listening to.

  1. AfroJack: Take Over Control-Listen & Download Here
  2. David Guetta: Memories- Listen & Download Here
  3. Deadmau5: Lai- Listen & Download Here
  4. Calvin Harris: Flashback- Listen & Download Here
  5. Steve Aoki: Pursuit Of Happiness Remix – Listen & Download Here

Let us know of any tracks you like or think should be added to the list!

Hot Jeff Mill’s Playlist Great Electronic Music

Everyone, check out Jeff Mills and all of his hottest beats! I stumbled across this YouTube playlist it has all the classics. If your a fan of Jeff Mills you will surely enjoy it.

Read More Artist review: Kevin Osorio (DJ KO5)

Biography: Kevin Osorio, a.k.a. DJ KO5 is an electronic DJ from New York City, NY. He has been DJ’ing professionally for about 3 years, all around the tri-state area. Currently, he works at Dubspot (, an electronic music production/DJ school in New York City and a valuable resource in the amateur DJ community. He is also involved in party planning and has been a Promoter/DJ for DJ MAMBI, Connect Parties, Four to the Floor events, Zens Lounge, House Bangers Presents, Wet Campus Wednesday and Silly Elephant. Read More

Dope House Beats – Louie Vega: “Diamond Life”

Louie vega drops sick house beats on his latest album release. One of the most banging tracks – Diamond life is hitting the charts hard! It’s became easily his top downloaded mp3 on then net. Diamond life is a dope mp3 that all house heads should get, its the perfect addition to any house music playlist

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Tuesday Trance Beats By DJ Tiesto – Beautiful World

Check out Tiesto’s hot track “Beautiful World”. Its a hit on the charts and jamming on every Ipod & Mp3 devices.  Its one of his best hits out, and its featuring Dino another notable electronic music producer. Listen to the track and get the download.

Trance Download of The Day by Armin Van Buuren

Check out Trance master Armin Van Buuren and one of his top downloaded tracks “Not Giving up on Love” .  Its been hitting the charts hard since its release! The track is one of his best yet, Take a listen and add it to your music playing devices! Its great to chill and listen or for any dance floor or rave party.

Ben Sims Still Hot with release “Sideways”

Check out Techno master Ben Sims with his most recent remix “Sideways” Ft Paul Mac. Sim’s surely did his thing on this track, showing his mixing abilities.  Download the mp3 and add it to your music playing devices.

Banging Beats by Robert Hood “Clash”

Everyone please take a listen to “Clash” By Robert Hood. Its a hot Detroit Techno Mix that is really moving up in the charts. Robert Hood a electronic music veteran really knows how to make quality music.  Get the download, its a must have for any I pod or mp3 player.

Dj GodFather Hitting hard with “A Legend” On the Net

Dj GodFather, doing very well on the charts with “A Legend”  Please take a listen  to some real electronic music, coming from one of the individuals who do it best. Its a Great download, please check it out.

Theo Parrish, Hot Detroit techno DJ with a banging mix.

Check out Theo Parrish and his hot mix ” Get on up”. He’s a veteran in the game when it comes to music. Take a listen to this dope Detroit techno artist, he bangs on the track and on the dance floor.

Moodyman still going hard, check out hot mix “Shades Of Jae”

Moodyman, hitting the charts hard with “Shades of Jae” His top downloaded track on the net.  This Detroit techno artist, has profound music mixing abilities one of the dominate players in his genre.  Listen to “Shades of Jae” While he take Detroit techno to a whole new level.

Jeff Mills Hot on the charts with “The Bells”

Jeff Mills, hot electronic music producer, does great on charts with release ” The Bells”. It presents nothing but hot beats for any fan or electronic music lover.

Check out his upcoming Tour dates listed below, to experience his talent in person.

  1. February,19 at Salone Delle Fontant – Rome, Italy
  2. February,25 at Kindergarden- Bologna,IT
  3. February,26 at Nordstern Club- Bale,Switzerland

Vega Records still dropping heavy heat for your Deep House dj set.

Louie Vega, Vega Records is getting the year off to a great start with his hot new release by Fabio Genito the Universal Language Ep. And has also release and iphone/ipad app for you to keep up with Anané and listen to the latest deep house music from Vega Records.


Lovebirds Deep, Down & Discofied ep still hot one year later

It has been a year since Sebastian Doering released this hot deep house classic three Track EP. Mister Lovebirds made this hot download available and it has been banging the internet charts since. He’s laying down luxurious disco delights using a exceptional frenzy and mesmerizing melody called ‘The Ride’, followed by mellifluous and vibes driven ‘Mandrill’,while ‘Dancing’ is a very hot house tune – an hommage to the great producer team johnick.




Kerri Chandler still banging the downloads with hot house download The Essentials

Kerri Chandler house music download “The Essentials” is still #1 after ninety days on amazon. No matter what your favorite style of house music is… maybe deep house, Latin house music or Chicago house, you must have a copy of Mr. “Kaos 6:23” on your playlist. The New Jersey native Kerri Chandler is the sprit that introduced you “Atmosphere”, “Inspiration” with Arnold Jarvis, “Escravos de Jo” with Joe Claussell and “Get it Off” and so much more electronic music. Today we offer downloads of Kerri Chandler new house music download The Essentials. listen and download mp3 below:

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We review: Masters at Work deep house beats: George Benson "El Barrio"

Below is one of the best house music re-mixxes of all time. The great George Benson “El Barrio” remixed by house music’s finest “Masters’s at Work play it loud.

Hot Download, new soulful electronic music From Glen Underground

For all the House Muisc Lovers or deep underground music fans, we have uploaded a hot hot track from Detroit’s own Glen Underground. This is a must have for any DJ or Deep House Music fan. It’s called Ninja

Great music for Deep House DJ’s and music lovers

Introducing Delusions of Grandeur, an innovative label we found releasing vinyl in addition to mp3 downloads singles for discerning DJ’s and music lovers throughout the world. An cooperative of both established artists and fresh unrecognized talent, whose shared love of deep underground Detroit influenced house and disco are mirrored in the quality output you will come to anticipate from the label.  For all the deep House lovers you will love th hottest Deep House Download out Which Is Franc SPANGLE Read More