A deep house download with a hot keyboard solo named jazz & jive

[jwplayer config=”tv” mediaid=”3367″]This deep house download is electronic music laced with the superlative sound that jazz-funk has to offer. What pushes it over the edge is the killer keyboard solo that both ties the other sounds in concert and tickles the ears with pleasure. This is a beautiful example of sonic wonderment that is unlike anything released before. Tony Nova & Techno Producer T.B.C. offers a throwback to old school jazz while pushing to the fore the new deep house & techno music genre.

What makes Jazz & Jive so unique is the use of Techno tempo interwoven with this great steady beat and house music feel. It draws the listener in, making it an anticipatory moment of when the next interlude will occur. This kind of jazz is brilliant since there is an unnatural characteristic about it that makes it seem so right. The music is interesting but not forced and every note is as important as the next.

download jazz & jive