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Acid House meets Deep House in this new Banger

303 bassline and the hard kicks is what you get in this new Banger “Lets Go Back”
Tony Nova, DJ Jes One, Jake Thomas.

More Old School House Joints for the club, playlist or podcast. It’s the ‘Lets go Back EP’

Check out three hot Mixes Featuring music by Tony Nova, DJ Jes One and Jake Thomas.

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Tony Nova
What do you Know about House Music?

DJ Jes One & Jake Thomas
Old Skool
Tre Technics Mix

Tony Nova
What do you Know about House Music?
Instrumental Mix

10 out of 10 Stars
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T.B.C. Returns with a very Strong Deep House Secret Weapon for your DJ Set

Following up on his string of ear pleasing Deep House music releases. House Music royalty T.B.C. brings you a hot Deep grinder for your late night Dj set. Ready for Download is a tune called “Deep Jack”.  Be the first to rock this track.

DD956- DEEP JACK by T.B.C.

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Evolution of Deep, Part #3 may best the best remix of the song

Tony Nova has taken Deep House to a whole new level with the new remix/remake of our classic recording “Evolution of Deep” the stakes are high as Evolution of Deep, Pt. 3 brings deep to the word at 115bpm.

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Featuring a slow grinding organ, fat bass line and a feature guitar solo and a great arrangement.

Evolution of Deep I

Evolution of Deep 2

#deephousemusic #Soulful House #RealHouseMusic #housemusic

Afro House Music: Deep & Jazzy 9 bangs the box and now ready for playlist and download.

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The Deep House and Afro House heads get the first shot at downloading the new release from Synthesizers & Samplers. Our Electronic music super group Synthesizers & Samplers release some new heat as they drop Deep & Jazzy 9 for the DJ’s and Read More

Notes From The Studio: Ali Noeb and Tony Nova get Deep on the Remix to “This is House Music”

The Remix you have been waiting on is almost here. We wanted to give you a taste of The Tony Nova & Ali Noeb remix of: This is House Music.

As we put the finishing touches on the Download copy of this Deep House joint we asked Tony Brown for some in studio comments and all he could say was:

“It can stand on its own without the remix title attached to it. I like it better than the original”

said Tony Brown

Get the Free Download below and be the first to Bang this newDeep House track.


Download or Stream the Orignal Mix Here

DJ Ali Noeb gets back to the Detroit Techno Sound with his new download “Razor 132”

This mind bending Detroit Techno/Tech House track named Razor 132 by DJ Ali Noeb is a mind bending acid filled lines big  big bass  line and filters ready to tweak in the mix.

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Be the first to Bang this in your mix or play on your DJ Mix Show or Podcast.

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Spice up your DJ set or podcast with Jazzy House Music downloads

Back with the most creative and unique House Music downloads; is a roundup of some rare Jazzy House Music songs for the DJ or music fan. Musically these tunes are created as Jazz tracks on the sheet music and then we do everything we can to carve out and Electronic Music masterpiece. The focus begins with the drums keeping a four on the floor house or techno beat is essential to these tracks; so they don’t come out sounding like your elevator music. Then the trick is keeping the baseline line as funky as possible along with the standard components of a techno or house music song.

Below are some of the newest and Hottest Jazzy & Deep House Music song out now:

Deep Therapy by T.B.C. |  Download Free Copy | iTunes | Beatport  | Traxsource | Juno Download |

Tony Nova Jazzy House Music Vibes |Download Free Copy | iTunes  |
Digital Jazz by Tony Brown won’t disappoint | Download Free Copy | iTunes | Beatport   |
Evolution of Deep T.B.C. (main mix) | Download Free Copy | iTunes | Beatport  | Traxsource  (na) | Juno Download (na)  |

House Music Woman is very hot | Download Free Copy | iTunes | Beatport  | Traxsource | Juno Download |

Black Mamba by Naime |

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Ready for Download: Evolution of Deep Volume II lands on Traxsource.

The much anticipated release of our new download T.B.C Evolution of Deep Volume II Deep Electric is now available on Traxsource. Listed as Broken Beat/Nu Jazz; This is a rare sounding track with smooth unique blend of Jazz and House, Jazzy House Music alike this brings something new to the table as it explores entire new emotions by manipulating the standard feel good progressions of Electronic Music. Read More

JEUDI Records Deep House hit “True by Monte” is now available for download

The hit off the JEUDI Records, JEUDI’s Friends EP (Vol.1) called true by monte is available for download at and One of our favorite deep house tracks of 2012 True by Monte is a late night goodie full of minimal soul and rich chords, and smooth backing vocals that remind me of a sound track to life. We give this smooth groove for any mix dj or house head. 8 out of 10. Read More

Be the first to download House Music Woman by T.B.C.

Are you looking for a soundtrack for the hot months on the way? You can stop looking now, because House Music Woman is the new summer jam by T.B.C. that’s sure to be a perfect background for all of your days and nights. The track fuses house and jazz into a sound unlike anything you’ll hear, showing creativity without feeling pretentious or over the top.  After all, it’s not every day you hear electronic music with the kind of interesting and complex piano and flute parts you’ll find here. Blending wildly different genres into something new and special is the wave of the future, and T.B.C. is riding that wave for all it’s worth.

Download here

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Jazzy House Music Vibes, Vol. 3: Ménage À Trois lands on itunes

Our new release of  Tony Nova Jazzy House Music Vibes, Vol. 3: Ménage À Trois, lands on Itunes Today. We are proud to annonce are partnership with CD Baby has allowed us to Distribute our Music on the Planet Earth.

Check our the new hit from Tony Nova Ménage À Trois

This practically melts the speakers with its silky-smooth charms. Within seconds of the intro, your head begins to bump and you’re fighting off the urge to dance or move sexy. Read More

Harmonious Thelonious – Listen is a unique mix of Detriot Techno & African drumming

Artist—Harmonious Thelonious

Producer Stefan Schwander, aka Harmonious Thelonius describes his current project as “American minimalism vs. African drumming vs. European sequencing,” which is something that takes a minute to wrap your head around. American minimalism might conjure a few different things, but here it generally seems to imply something simple, melodic, easy to listen to. African drumming and European sequencing are more straight forward, but what does it mean coming from a German artist exactly? Whatever you want to call it, it is a unique and interesting mix that has given Schwander enough inspiration for two albums in two years under the Thelonius moniker.

Yet Listen and its predecessor Talking are as distinct as they are similar, with the latter album asserting sonic clarity, and the former, a patchwork of live tracks and studio tracks, demonstrating a uniform roughness. Read More

Dj’s Choice: hot Tech-House by Uner called Cocoua is our weekend top pick

This hot Tech-House song by Uner called Coccouna is our weekend top pick for electronic music fans. Dj’s will love this track based on the pleasure for harmony and the search for a unique, personal sound. The smooth latin drums mixed with a Detroit Techno feel will move the crowd.

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We review Pete Swanson Man With Potential it’s “Far Out” or the less tangible?

If you could say anything about the direction US electronic music took in 2011, now that we have at least a bit of perspective, it might be that underground artists found a taste for dance music and ran with it. Look anywhere from 100% Silk to Container. And it seems that Pete Swanson, producer and cofounder of Yellow Swan, has gotten on the same boat for his first solo album for label Type…kind of. The glitchy curtains and swirls of sound you might expect from a producer know up to now for arrhythmic ambiance are still there but so is a kick drum trying to breaking through.

Opener “Misery Beat,” might conjure early rave music on speed with rapid beats, high-frequency sounds and spastic melodies, but Swanson still seems more at home in non-dance contexts than in full on techno. “Remote View” courses with subtle beats, buzzes, string lines and whale songs before giving way to the title track that screams with density and noise laced with a melody coming in and out of view.

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Deep House Music tops this weeks Charts

The Smooth groove Larse – So Long hits the #1 spot here at this weekend. The smooth soun witch is a blend of minimal Detroit House Music and Chicago Deep, was the most requsted track at our late night party last night. Hot Strings and bass line with a great 909 kick.

Very Deep House Mix by Darko Corazzo

Midnight Existence 009 mix brings the smooth deep house mix for you chill with. It has the smooth deep house beat thatmove and rhodes key that make any House Mix mp3 mix hot.

DJ Ali Noeb Electro House Vibes 1: Get Wicked banging on and itunes and Amazon

Long-Time Dj and Studio Enginer Ali Noeb new Techno Download: Electro House Vibes 1: Get Wicked is Banging and avaliable for download on itunes and 

This Funky fast Electro Techno Electro DJ Tool by Dj Ali Noeb is a must have for the DJ or Music Lover what a great Electro House Song for 2012! Download the full preview here.



Download Hot House Music 2011

Everyone, its time to grab some new house music mp3 downloads! Check out all these downloads below , they are great additions to all electronic music playlists. These tracks are party bangers! House music at its finest!

  1. DeadMau5 – Sofi Needs a Ladder : Listen & Download Here
  2. Automagic – Shimmer : Listen & Download Here
  3. Santito – Back it Up : Listen & Download Here
  4. Clokx – Catch Your Fall : Listen & Download Here
  5. House Rockerz – Herzrasen : Listen & Download Here


Above & Beyond Presents Banging Trance Beats “Sun & Moon”

Above & Beyond, these guys are sick. Now, even the people who don’t like trance music will enjoy this track. Above & Beyond did just what their named, they went above and beyond with this track. If your a fan of quality electronic music, then you will definitely want to check out this mp3 download. Just for all you fans of Above & Beyond, we have attached the YouTube video as well!

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Hot Jeff Mill’s Playlist Great Electronic Music

Everyone, check out Jeff Mills and all of his hottest beats! I stumbled across this YouTube playlist it has all the classics. If your a fan of Jeff Mills you will surely enjoy it.

Read More Artist review: Kevin Osorio (DJ KO5)

Biography: Kevin Osorio, a.k.a. DJ KO5 is an electronic DJ from New York City, NY. He has been DJ’ing professionally for about 3 years, all around the tri-state area. Currently, he works at Dubspot (, an electronic music production/DJ school in New York City and a valuable resource in the amateur DJ community. He is also involved in party planning and has been a Promoter/DJ for DJ MAMBI, Connect Parties, Four to the Floor events, Zens Lounge, House Bangers Presents, Wet Campus Wednesday and Silly Elephant. Read More

Spencer & Hill drops a party banger “303”

If u listen to Spencer & Hill, then you are in luck. “303” has to be one of their best tracks! Its one of those tracks you put on loop when your just chilling. It was one of the best techno joints last year, and i think its safe to say its still is. If you looking for some good electronic music, we got it for you, right here at Come download the free mp3 of Spencer & Hill’s – 303
Download 303

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Umek & Beltek – “Back In The Race” Hottest Techno Mp3 Download Summer 2011

People, I know we haven’t had allot of Techno beats up recently, But rest assure we got a hot one this time. Umek & Beltek track “Back In The Race” Has to be one of the best techno tracks this year! It’s been playing in all the raves and banging on all the iPods. Its a must have for all techno enthusiasts. Trust me, this track tears up the dance floor every time. “Back In the Race” Really epitomizes the idea of good techno music, get the download people and experience techno the right way.

Grab the Free Mp3 Download

Download Back In The Race

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Deep House Grooves By Tony Foster -The Morning After

Check out this dope deep house album, with nothing but banging tracks. “The Morning After” puts an emphasis on a deeper vibe with a little more instrumental than vocals, which really makes each track interesting , making the album a worth wild Mp3 download. If your  looking for great Deep house music, make sure to take a listen to “The
Morning After”

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Above & Beyond- Sun & Moon Top Downloaded Mp3

Download Above & Beyond’s hottest track on the charts “Sun & Moon”. Its banging in all the clubs and on the iPods on every trance music enthusiast. Grab the download and take a listen to one of the best trance tracks of 2011.

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Tuesday Trance Beats By DJ Tiesto – Beautiful World

Check out Tiesto’s hot track “Beautiful World”. Its a hit on the charts and jamming on every Ipod & Mp3 devices.  Its one of his best hits out, and its featuring Dino another notable electronic music producer. Listen to the track and get the download.

Check out the electronic music, mash-up page

Vist the mash up/our music page.
Our new mp3 Download page, is mobile and devices friendly page of released, unreleased music of all types of Dance Music. Easily download house music, Techno, Deep House, Electro, Detroit Techno, Dubstep. Visit Here

Deep House Sunday Beats by Masters At Work – To Be in Love

Listen to some smooth deep house beats by Masters at Work on the track ” To be in Love” Its a dope mp3 which proves to be one of the best on the charts for Masters At work. Make sure to get the download while its hot!

Hot Beats for your Friday- Louie Vega “Diamond Life”

Check out this track by Louie Vega called “Diamond Life”. Its one of his best tracks and most downloaded on the net. Don’t miss out on the mp3 download! Listen from the link below.

Nice Dubstep Beats for 2011

Check out “Innocence” a hot mix from DJ Nero. If you love Dubstep music then you will want to add this to your playlists, Great for any party or rave.

Deep House Beats For Your Monday Night

Check out a classic from Electronic music veteran Frankie Knuckles and his release “The Whistle Song”. You know your getting quality music when it comes to Frankie Knuckles the God Father of House Music.

Dubstep Download Of The Week – Party Boat

Take a listen to one of DJ Skream’s best beats “Party Boat”. Its a party favorite and his top downloaded mp3 on the internet. Dont miss out on great electronic music. Its a great addition to any playlist.

Trance Download of The Day by Armin Van Buuren

Check out Trance master Armin Van Buuren and one of his top downloaded tracks “Not Giving up on Love” .  Its been hitting the charts hard since its release! The track is one of his best yet, Take a listen and add it to your music playing devices! Its great to chill and listen or for any dance floor or rave party.

Ben Sims Still Hot with release “Sideways”

Check out Techno master Ben Sims with his most recent remix “Sideways” Ft Paul Mac. Sim’s surely did his thing on this track, showing his mixing abilities.  Download the mp3 and add it to your music playing devices.

Banging Beats by Robert Hood “Clash”

Everyone please take a listen to “Clash” By Robert Hood. Its a hot Detroit Techno Mix that is really moving up in the charts. Robert Hood a electronic music veteran really knows how to make quality music.  Get the download, its a must have for any I pod or mp3 player.

Dj GodFather Hitting hard with “A Legend” On the Net

Dj GodFather, doing very well on the charts with “A Legend”  Please take a listen  to some real electronic music, coming from one of the individuals who do it best. Its a Great download, please check it out.

Theo Parrish, Hot Detroit techno DJ with a banging mix.

Check out Theo Parrish and his hot mix ” Get on up”. He’s a veteran in the game when it comes to music. Take a listen to this dope Detroit techno artist, he bangs on the track and on the dance floor.

Moodyman still going hard, check out hot mix “Shades Of Jae”

Moodyman, hitting the charts hard with “Shades of Jae” His top downloaded track on the net.  This Detroit techno artist, has profound music mixing abilities one of the dominate players in his genre.  Listen to “Shades of Jae” While he take Detroit techno to a whole new level.

Jeff Mills Hot on the charts with “The Bells”

Jeff Mills, hot electronic music producer, does great on charts with release ” The Bells”. It presents nothing but hot beats for any fan or electronic music lover.

Check out his upcoming Tour dates listed below, to experience his talent in person.

  1. February,19 at Salone Delle Fontant – Rome, Italy
  2. February,25 at Kindergarden- Bologna,IT
  3. February,26 at Nordstern Club- Bale,Switzerland

Vega Records still dropping heavy heat for your Deep House dj set.

Louie Vega, Vega Records is getting the year off to a great start with his hot new release by Fabio Genito the Universal Language Ep. And has also release and iphone/ipad app for you to keep up with Anané and listen to the latest deep house music from Vega Records.


Lovebirds Deep, Down & Discofied ep still hot one year later

It has been a year since Sebastian Doering released this hot deep house classic three Track EP. Mister Lovebirds made this hot download available and it has been banging the internet charts since. He’s laying down luxurious disco delights using a exceptional frenzy and mesmerizing melody called ‘The Ride’, followed by mellifluous and vibes driven ‘Mandrill’,while ‘Dancing’ is a very hot house tune – an hommage to the great producer team johnick.




Kerri Chandler still banging the downloads with hot house download The Essentials

Kerri Chandler house music download “The Essentials” is still #1 after ninety days on amazon. No matter what your favorite style of house music is… maybe deep house, Latin house music or Chicago house, you must have a copy of Mr. “Kaos 6:23” on your playlist. The New Jersey native Kerri Chandler is the sprit that introduced you “Atmosphere”, “Inspiration” with Arnold Jarvis, “Escravos de Jo” with Joe Claussell and “Get it Off” and so much more electronic music. Today we offer downloads of Kerri Chandler new house music download The Essentials. listen and download mp3 below:

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Detroit Techno: The Brown Brothers House of Electronica lands on

Infused with rare techno piano and hot distorted bass the brown brothers Tony & Unsel Brown are back with a hot new track called “House of Electronica”

Download it here

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We review: Masters at Work deep house beats: George Benson "El Barrio"

Below is one of the best house music re-mixxes of all time. The great George Benson “El Barrio” remixed by house music’s finest “Masters’s at Work play it loud.

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Hot Download, new soulful electronic music From Glen Underground

For all the House Muisc Lovers or deep underground music fans, we have uploaded a hot hot track from Detroit’s own Glen Underground. This is a must have for any DJ or Deep House Music fan. It’s called Ninja

Song Details and Reviews for H…

Song Details and Reviews for House Muisc On Acid [Explicit] by

Song Details and Reviews for Game of Love by Unsel Brown

Song Details and Reviews for Game of Love by Unsel Brown

uploaded mp3 very hot electro-techno track

uploaded mp3 very hot electro-tech Jitters D-Lite By Dot Dash by via #soundcloud