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Combining the hottest beats with instrumentation worthy of a live band, “Hands of a DJ” show you what can happen when you actually trust a DJ — you do not have to worry about whether you will like the next track or mix. You can let yourself go, to taste aural nuances that might otherwise pass you by.

 In the hands of the right DJ, music becomes more than just sounds to dance to, listen to, vibe to. In and of themselves, those things are fun to do, but all pale in comparison to music that actively takes the listener into a place where he is not acted upon or told to do something, but actually becomes one with the sounds he is hearing.

As an electronic music producer with an eclectic imagination and discerning taste, T.B.C. has always been able to bring his listeners into his musical experience, rather than it being separate from them. With his new release “Hands of a DJ,” T.B.C. brings the world a techno house mix which draws you in, shakes you, and will not let you go. While it is easy to tell when others are mixing genres for the sake of being “original,” with T.B.C. it’s just the natural flow of things.