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Deep beats and groovy bass lines hit hard on this week’s feature track.


Synthesizers & Samplers are back again with a remix of Tony Nova’s JHM Vol 5  named “Deep & Jazzy 6″ This is a laid back jazzy house music download is very cool. Produced and up front with cool strings and pads with a very groovy baseline that will rock the house. The kick drum is very heavy of course; along with very hot Afro Cuban percussion to keep the party or playlist jumping till the late night hour. Continue reading


Download this Fierce Deep House Groove by “A Man named Marlon” this song is Playlist and Headphone Ready.

Download now on Tracksource. | Free Download click here to Play.

A Man Made Marlon brings back the night with his new release with The 89 Virgo Track. Fusing walking basslines and moving rhythms, under deep melodic synths and retro strings to create dark foggy vibes that will suit the insatiable needs of any late night groove session or DJ set.

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Deep House Download: Don’t miss this weeks top track, The Fifth Movement by T.B.C.

Take a ride on the Deep Side with T.B.C. with this exclusive download from DanceDance.com. It’s a sweet Jazzy Electric track full of Keyboards African to Latin melodies and under tones.

Be the first to download and play this deep house track that is loaded with Keyboards, DJ beats, Afro Latin beats and percussion a very hot jazzy deep house track at 124 BPM. Taking you back to the history of soul music from the slave ships to the studio say’s  “T.B.C. ” on his production notes.

Make sure to catch the drum break at 5:02

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Jazzy house music vol: 5

All new, Deep Jazzy House music for your DJ set or playlist

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Tony Nova is back with Jazzy House Music Vibes Vol. 5 Summer Madness: Download

The latest installment is Summer Maddens a Jazzy House track with the Baseline taking center stage on this joint. As always Tony Nova lights it up with great Bossa drums and Latin percussion. The keyboards and Rhodes lines are very tight with a catchy hook and banging keyboard line toward the end. A rare smooth track that moves and travel; which may be useful for use on a Ballroom hustle DJ set. Great for streaming deep house music, internet radio, lounge DJ or house music fan.  Continue reading

This house music ready for download

Download Update: What is House Music? Download the all new Deep Tech song from DJ Ali Noeb

Update: 6/20/14 Now avaliable at your favorite House Music download store see below:

This Is House Music (100% Raw Mix) | DJ Ali Noeb DD938

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Update: June 6/3/14
What is House Music? by Ali Noeb lands on Traxsouce and ready for spins.

DJ Ali Noeb right out of the studio with  dirty acid house download “This is House Music”. Be the first to rock your DJ set or Internet Radio show with this unreleased classic house track.  At 124 BPM with a tight vocal anthem type hook and dirty drums mixed with and up front acid bassline. This worth the download.


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Tony Nova Africa to Detroit dj mix

Deep House: Download Tony Nova’s from Africa to Detroit Dj mix.

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Deep House: Download Tony Nova’s from Africa to Detroit Dj mix.
This is once again why Tony Nova is one of my favorite artist. He takes some of the new classics house tunes and blend them with pure ear pleasure. Be the first to download this feature mix made exclusively for new-housemusic.com.

In the mix is: Continue reading

gravitational-wave download

This weeks top two downloads are ready for spins at Beatport, iTunes and Amazon.

Today two hot electronic music downloads hit the digital download market. This first is a Deep House joint by Groove Non-Stop “Music for the Deep & Jazzy” by Tony Nova . Then we have added in the mix Tony & Unsel Brown “The Brown Brothers” new minimal techno track pinned ‘Gravitational Wave; makes for a great week of music downloads.

Track one:
Groove-Non-Stop by Tony Nova Music for the Deep & Jazzy
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Track two:
Gravitational Wave by The Brown Brothers

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