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Evolution of Deep Volume II by T.B.C.

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Mp3 download release date Traxsource 02/08/2013

Worldwide release: 16/08/2013

T.B.C’s hot new remix of track, “Evolution of Deep Volume II” has all the Tools of a hit. It builds smoothly, beginning with a Jazzy Flute riff accompanied by a Deep House Beat. At around the 30 second mark the familiar 4 to the floor beat starts, making it clear that, above all, this is a dance track. A unique blend of Jazz and House, Jazzy House Music like no other. This is the remix of the Classics. We got the whole staff of Musician together on the mix. It features:

T.B.C.- Bass –¬†Keyboards
Unsel Brown РKeyboards
Tony Nova – Guitar, Flute, Strings
Ali Noeb – Percussion, Strings

What a great work of art in the studio It was recorded over a few hours at Studio B. This download brings entire new emotions by manipulating the standard feel good progressions of House Music. Loaded with Disco-era strings that elegantly dance above the bass beat, mutually almost weaving into a Samba tune, evoking images of summer paradise.

New House Music such as this is always driving originality forward, mixing genres and styles to continue to expand the unifying solidarity which defines the House movement to this very day.