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[jwplayer config=”tv” playlistid=”3357″]Are you looking for a soundtrack for the hot months on the way? You can stop looking now, because House Music Woman is the new summer jam by T.B.C. that’s sure to be a perfect background for all of your days and nights. The track fuses house and jazz into a sound unlike anything you’ll hear, showing creativity without feeling pretentious or over the top.  After all, it’s not every day you hear electronic music with the kind of interesting and complex piano and flute parts you’ll find here. Blending wildly different genres into something new and special is the wave of the future, and T.B.C. is riding that wave for all it’s worth.

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House Music Woman will appeal to a wide variety of listeners. Music aficionados will enjoy sitting down to listen closely to the song and appreciate its structure and innovation. Dance lovers and party hosts will be able to throw this song on the playlist and get everyone talking, since the beat is made for dancing and even the lyrics encourage you to get out on the floor and move. Romantics and lovers will also find a lot to enjoy here, because this is great music for date night, with its sultry and relaxed sound. Consider playing it as background music for a cozy dinner at home or slow-dancing to it later on in the night.
No matter how you’re spending your summer, this song is a must-have for your music library. House Music Woman is one lovely lady, and hearing her is sure to make your day that much better. Keep an ear out for more of T.B.C.’s musical innovations.

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