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Re Published T.B.C. “Look at” Techno Maddness for Techno Fans.

T.B.C. beats “Look at” more rare techno from the Vault. The sound quality is a little shakey but we plan on re-mixx some time next month enjoy. On this track we used the roland jv-800 and re birth 338 for the drums. mixed in cubase vst 3.0.

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Check out the electronic music, mash-up page

Vist the mash up/our music page.
Our new mp3 Download page, is mobile and devices friendly page of released, unreleased music of all types of Dance Music. Easily download house music, Techno, Deep House, Electro, Detroit Techno, Dubstep. Visit Here

Techno and House producer, Tony Brown hard Tech-House keyboard style bangs.

As we browse through the download library. I stumbled on and old Tony Brown; tech house song themed “Inside the Gate”. Mastered by the great Ron Murphy, this comes from the volume 3 techno record. It’s the B- side called Inside The Gate Part 1 & 2 by Tony Brown. Part 1 is stacked with hard Tech-House keyboard sounds using the Yamaha motif es6and the Roland phantom. Tony also used the Roland r8 with the old school dance card for the drums. Part 2 lush strings (viloa’s) and Detroit techno Synth sounds also there is a hot electro beat. “I made this record for Dj’s who love to blend The timing is locked tight on this track there are so many ways to mix this song” Tony Brown

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Download and review sweet Techno beats by U.B.1. called The Essentials.

This download feels and sounds like natural elements riding the pulsating electromagnetic dance turned into sound. 


This download is sounds like natural elements riding the pulsating electromagnetic dance sound.

Robot Rain another listen and remix for mp3 download.

More Tech-House it’s: “Robot Rain”, download it here first. This track has a very long intro but I think it well make it in a club or rave. The track is very easy to mix in and out. Has plenty of old school keyboard sounds with a nice 909 drum program.

House of Jazz by Tony Nova Free mp3 download

The emails keep coming for the free mp3 download, of the latest track by Tony Nova: House of Jazz. Download here

  A great tool for a DJ or Music fan  “House of Jazz.” Tony has taken Nu-Jazz and  House Music and combined it with Bossa Nova to produce a  hot new house music download. The song has a solid bass-line with organ and keyboards; the melodies and and chords throughout are intricate and smooth. The addition of various instruments at key points gives the song tremendous depth and feeling. The strong Latin beats keep your feet tapping and makes House of Jazz a great song to get out on the dance floor and show off your moves. Read More

Download a original; Exclusive Music!

This Track was produced for Ron Murphy NSC Records by Tony  Brown from the Brown Brothers and was bumped due to the Jeff Mills Twilight Scenario Track.  We released it on vinyl record and only printed 500 copies very rare Techno. Loaded with hard techno bass synthesizer lines and Tony browns layer of techno walls. Great fo mp3 download, Club or late-night techno party.

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Deep House Sunday Beats by Masters At Work – To Be in Love

Listen to some smooth deep house beats by Masters at Work on the track ” To be in Love” Its a dope mp3 which proves to be one of the best on the charts for Masters At work. Make sure to get the download while its hot!

Hot Beats for your Friday- Louie Vega “Diamond Life”

Check out this track by Louie Vega called “Diamond Life”. Its one of his best tracks and most downloaded on the net. Don’t miss out on the mp3 download! Listen from the link below.

Nice Dubstep Beats for 2011

Check out “Innocence” a hot mix from DJ Nero. If you love Dubstep music then you will want to add this to your playlists, Great for any party or rave.

Deep House Beats For Your Monday Night

Check out a classic from Electronic music veteran Frankie Knuckles and his release “The Whistle Song”. You know your getting quality music when it comes to Frankie Knuckles the God Father of House Music.

House of Electronica By The Browns Brothers. Get the download from below Saturday Night Detroit Techno Grooves

Check out House of Electronica By The Browns Brothers. Get the download from below in case you missed it!

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Original Content: Minimal techno-house for your download pleaure today

The was on a white label release in 2001 only 100 copies pressed; Minimal Techno by the production team.  A very smooth track with Detroit techno layers and hard house percussion for download. Called “my theme “Great for a dj mix or rave party. The was on a white label release in 2001 only 100 copies pressed

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Jeff Mills Smooth Joint “Late Night”

Take a listen to one of the best in the game, Jeff Mills.  This is a smooth mix for all the fans and electronic music heads.Its defiantly one of his best mixes a must have for any collection. Please Check out Mills at upcoming events and show some love.
Jeff Mills – Late Night (Mills Mix)

  1. February,19 at Salone Delle Fontant – Rome, Italy
  2. February,25 at Kindergarden- Bologna,IT
  3. February,26 at Nordstern Club- Bale,Switzerland

Detroit Techno Militia still Producing Jacking Beats

Detroit Techno militia is one of the biggest Detroit techno labels. They produce nothing but dance floor and party banging mixes. check out their newest material by DJ Psycho, defiantly a great addition to any electronic music collection.

DJ Psycho – THE DUNGEON SERIES – The Stairs by detroittechnomilitia

Detroit Techno Militia Upcoming Shows!

  1. February,16&23 At Churchill’s Food and Spirits – Flint,Mi
  2. February,18 at Club Sunset – Costa Rica
  3. February,24 at The Mars Bar – Hamtramck,MI

Be the first to download T.B.C. from the brown brothers new track Hands of a DJ

Download here

Combining the hottest beats with instrumentation worthy of a live band, “Hands of a DJ” show you what can happen when you actually trust a DJ — you do not have to worry about whether you will like the next track or mix. You can let yourself go, to taste aural nuances that might otherwise pass you by.

 In the hands of the right DJ, music becomes more than just sounds to dance to, listen to, vibe to. In and of themselves, those things are fun to do, but all pale in comparison to music that actively takes the listener into a place where he is not acted upon or told to do something, but actually becomes one with the sounds he is hearing. Read More

House Music, which makes for a great fun for your ipod or device.

We break out with a Tech-House Joint not just new…. but some hot beats for a mp3 download.

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Back to Jack the House; Jes One old school house track it’s ready for download

T.B.C. uploaded Back to Jack the House; Jes One Hot House Groove with old school House samples Funky bass line and Guitar. Anyone Know what samples are in this?
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DJ’s can now download and mix Tony Nova’s House Music vs Jazz for New Years eve

Great news for DJ’s wanting to download and mix Tony Nova’s new track for new years eve.’s release of Tony Nova’s House music vs jazz makes download store before the year end.


 Electronic music producer Tony Nova blends traditional house and deep house music with the rhythms and sounds of bossa jazz to create a smooth mix that will get your body moving all night long. With a base of Latin percussion, the beats are smooth, soulful, and sexy. The keyboard and organ hold down the tune throughout the song,

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Stream or download Tony Nova’s song House Music Vs Jazz

For all the deep house and nu jazz fan’s here is a hot new mp3 download for you. It’s the soulfull sound of Tony Nova named “House Music Vs Jazz:. Be the first to download the pre master mix and music artwork of this new smooth jazzy joint. This song is a great blend between House Music, Deep House, Jazz with Bossa Nova textures.

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Minimal Techno vibes on top today: Unsel Brown Artificial intelligence

Unsel Brown uploads a hot techno joint called Artificial intelligence smooth techno beats for you download here

Free Download "DJ Tools 101" for Tech-House at 130bpm

Get the free download of DJ Tools 101. A Tech-House download for Tech House Dj’s. at 130 bpm mix points set to the beat.

Download here

We review: Masters at Work deep house beats: George Benson "El Barrio"

Below is one of the best house music re-mixxes of all time. The great George Benson “El Barrio” remixed by house music’s finest “Masters’s at Work play it loud.

The Black Hole of Techno Music Ali Noeb with new music

Download the new Ali Noeb “Before the Bang”. Before the bang there was techno music. Ali Noeb needs feedback on this hot new tech-house Download. Play it Loud

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We have techno beats this week, Monday is "T.B.C. Alien Cia Agent"!

T.B.C.  Alien Cia is hot.  Download this track is an amazing mix blending straight-up house music and techno music thump embedded with an overall tech house feel. The production on the tune is cool it’s a digital transfer of the original Ron Murphy Master. The groove is hot, and you can experience your body moving from the start to the end of this hot Detroit techno sounding beat.
The groove is unconsciously paralyzing, and would light up practically any dance floor with it’s hard thumping bass! The Synthesizer organ sounds seamlessly mix together with the fat kick drum witch established the rhythm on this Hot Techno Track.
A- DJ Friendly

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New House Music as Tony Nova’s "Deep House Friday" Hits Stores!

Producer Tony Nova has shocked yet again with a new hot new track, Deep House Friday. That includes smooth latin classical guitar lines along with drums and a smoking bass line, this song is an instant hit for any real house enthusiast or DJ. download

This track is an amazing mix between straight-up house music and bossa nova vibration embedded inside an overall jazzy house feel. The production on the tune is impeccable, and you can experience your body moving from the beginning to the end of this hot track. Anybody who listens to much house music will right away recognize the great smooth qualities within the track, and immediately start bobbing their head to the amazing beats and overlayed, interlocking instrumental tracks.

The groove is instinctively paralyzing, and would light up practically any dance floor. The weaving guitar lines fit seamlessly together with the bossa nova based rhythms and upright bass groove. At the same time, however, Deep House Friday doesn’t loose its electronic synth-ambience and jazzy house feel. The track is also extremely DJ friendly, and would fit in very well with any sort of house or jazzy house playlist. Its interweaving melodies and complex beats, built on top of an overall smooth mood make it one of the best house tracks to come out of the scene in recent months. “The track belongs on the playlist of any DJ who wants to keep the club in a solid groove all night long. Deep House Friday is an epic track, and a definite A+.” DJ Heat

Deep House Friday is available on Amazon, CD Baby and iTunes, or contact us for more info.

A deep house download with a hot keyboard solo named jazz & jive

This deep house download is electronic music laced with the superlative sound that jazz-funk has to offer. What pushes it over the edge is the killer keyboard solo that both ties the other sounds in concert and tickles the ears with pleasure. This is a beautiful example of sonic wonderment that is unlike anything released before. Read More

Deep House Friday release update

We have uploaded the final Master of Tony Nova’s “Deep House Friday” to our digital distributors. We expect it should be available within the week please check back for artwork and free download. Thanks
Deep House Friday Download

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Be the first to download Tony Nova’s new Track "Deep House Friday"

Be the first to download the new Deep House track from Tony Nova ” Deep House Friday” Download it before it goes on sale here at

Deep House Friday A hot new House Music song featuring jazzy house music flava mixed with jazz and bossa nova.

Deep House Friday Download

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Old School house Download Music called "Midnight Run"

We had to go back to the old school with this house music download. It’s was made when reason was released. We never released this track becuase of the samole loop we used was a standard preset in drrex. But it’s a hot old house sounding track worth a free download. Great House drums with a tons of techno production in the low end.

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Our Feature mp3 Release, Tony Nova’s Jazzy House Music Vibes

With over thirteen years of Electronic Music on the Internet releases a new Jazzy House Music song from Tony Nova. Musician/Producer Tony Nova is an expert in House Music fusion and can bond the most unique sounds at the same time. His latest offering, a Jazzy House song called Jazzy House Music Vibes Pleasure Island, sets a peaceful vibe full of bossa nova layered with a little funk plus jazzy house music. It whisks you away to a magical, indescribable place.

Download Here

The smooth guitar sets a cool, soothing rhythm that is sure to get the feet tapping in time. This is layered with a hot bass line that really grooves and keeps Read More

We uploaded a new DJ tool for download. A hot Tech-House track for your set

A Dj Tool has been uploaded for you to mix your house music or techno set. Download this free mp3 called dada mix. Lots of tr 909 drums and acid bass filtered into a house groove.

Download mp3

Unsel Brown mp3 download, starts the techno music week with "Active Control"

Unsel Brown, gets the electronic music week going with his pure techno track “Active Control” a hot toll for any DJ who loves to rock the club or party. Download this hot techno beast Jam.

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Tech-House for your Tuesday Download

We uploaded a Electronic sounding Tech-House track for your Tuesday download. It’s Beyound Water reall smooth kinda electronic sounding. Some DJ’s may like this either House Music or Techno will play.

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Download hot new Dj Tool by Ali Noeb ”Jungle Love” hot Tech-House

Ali Noeb with funky innovative techno house track called ”Jungle Love”. A tvery fast allmost drum and bass song cause of it’s speed. The music on this download has substance. This bass is full enough to pound the walls in the club set or party.  Whats makes this mp3 different than other tech house tracks is the enormous bass line, drum loops gives this fine dance tune, all the essentials of a smooth house song.. but at the speed of a good jungle track A DJ Must.

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Spread the gift of House Music download "game of love" a hot house track

This is the music version of Unsel Brown’s game of love. Old school house sound worth a download and listen not sure if its ready for the club yes no?

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Full mp3 download here of Planet Full of Robots by Tony Brown

Techno madness from Tony Brown of the Brown Brothers with the complete mp3 download of his mad space odyssey track “Planet Full of Robots”. A true techno track with plastic sounding drums and keyboard sounds. Mixed by Ron Murphy in 2004

Download Techno Read More uploaded micebirth a dirty house track

Download this funky Under produced sounding house track. Has deep house influence house vocal, deep keyboards and crunchy house drums. mp3 Download track by any comments?

Download mp3

Mid-Week mp3 download is "Rave in Space" Techno g spot

We hit the Techno g spot with the mid-week download. “Rave in Space” is a very hard techno track with great drum programing and emulator trance filters a must have for any type of electronic gig. Please comment

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House Music on ACID Youtube Video

Our commitment to bring you quality Electronic Dancemusic continues with our YouTube exclusive Video of “House Music on Acid”. It’s very under produced in the vain of the song as we try to keep it true to it’s Acid House, Techno Feel

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Techno Planet 909, download test mp3 yes or no?

Unreleased rare Download this techno joint and enjoy from It’s a free download Plz comment before we release..ty

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Feature mp3 House Download T.B.C. Feat: Donna Black "Nite Jack"

House Music mp3 with class T.B.C. Feat: Donna Black “NITE JACK” This Hot House Thumper bound to make you move. Hot deep house vipe but a little fast.


Download mp3

"Late Night Run" very smooth mp3 download

The bass is distorted.. but listen to More Tech-House it seems that all we do is Tech House Music…LOL. Thats what happens we you u have no musical boundaries…Check it Out “Late Night Run”

Download mp3

"la rumba" a plastic sounding house music tune

It feels good.. “it’s House” I wish the mp3 quality was better worth a listen. House Piano and vocal sample.

Download mp3

Full Press 101 DJ Jes One Back to Jack; House music download.

DJ Jes One did this for Fullpress Records some time ago. It was originally on vinyl and is now out of print. Hot deep house groove with strong keyboard and drum work.
It’s a great late night tool for your mix. Lots of tr 909 kick drum in the mix

Download House Music

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Calling all Dj’s here is a fierce techno melody to start your week: Inside The Gate Part 1 & 2 by Tony Brown

Mastered by the great Ron Murphy, this comes from the volume 3 techno record. It’s the B- side called Inside The Gate Part 1 & 2 by Tony Brown. Part 1 is stacked with hard Tech-House keyboard sounds using the Yamaha motif es6 and the Roland phantom. Tony also used the Roland r8 with the old school dance card for the drums. Part 2 lush strings (viloa’s) and Detroit techno Synth sounds also there is a hot electro beat. “I made this record for Dj’s who love to blend The timing is locked tight on this track there are so many ways to mix this song” Tony Brown

Download mp3
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Tony Brown: download "Let The Music Play" Funky Funky House.. remix

House Music seems to be the flava Today this is a with fullpress records called “Let The Music play” Funky House with a deep twist

Download mp3

Tech-House Weekend part 2 MP3 Download "Tronics by U.B.1"

We reached into the techno vault for a Techno beat With s hard analog keys and a bassline thick enough move the floor, this is an amazing track ready to do work in your late night sets.

Download mp3

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Electro weekend here at download "The One" by m33

We kick of the weekend with Electro. Some People call this track Techno some call it Electro please listen and give some feedbck. This is The Ron Murphy Edit Version. A Unknown Silly Ass recordings record Produced By Jared B aka M33. Thanks to Jared for the mp3 download.


Download mp3

listen to the midweek remix of "Booty Elec" by

The remix still hits with a loud 808 kick with pleny of Techno Vibes with “House Music” Under tones. this sounds great as a mp3 download file. It’s called “Booty Elec” what do you think?