‘Detroit Techno Milta" preserving the legacy of true Detroit Electronic Music’,

When we think about the rich history of Detroit techno we think about everyone from Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Aux 88, DJ Godfather, Jeff mills, Ron Murphy, The Brown Brothers and so so many more DJ’s, Producers and Artist.

The Detroit Techno sound in unique and has survived through every change of Electronic Music. From the Trance Invasion To the current Trend Dubstep. Also the city of Detroit is one of the only places in the world you can hear music above 140 bpm’s.

As a new generation of Detroit Techno artist come to the forefront the Sound is in great hands with the Detroit Techno Milta still making Music and hosting parties.
It says it right on there website “Detroit Techno Militia is a record label and a grass roots DJ/Producer collective dedicated to preserving the legacy of true Detroit electronic music”
Just look at the hot parties they host in Detroit, Mi most people travels hundred’s if not thousands of Miles to see shows of this caliber. here

The look at the roster Members include: Annix, Dan Lucas, Darkcube, Doc, The Mercenary, Loner 9, Neil V.,DJ Psycho, T.Linder and newest member DJ Seoul. www.detroittechnomilitia.com for more information about the Detroit Techno Militia. So Tlinder and the ‘Detroit Techno Milta we can rest assure the Detroit electronic music should definitely live eternal.