The Famed festival that hosted Electronic music Elite artist has been canceled. Jul 25, 2010

German prosecutors investigate Love Parade deaths. Flowers and candles are placed in a street near the site of the horrific stampede tragedy. The Love Parade organizers have canceled the annual event forever after the recent tragedy. Twenty people were killed and over five hundred were injured.

There were an estimated 1.5 million people at the Love Parade this year when security personnel attempted to stop more from entering the former freight railway station where the festival is held. Thousands became trapped in a tunnel that was the only entrance into the grounds, setting off a mass panic and stampede.

The Love Parade in Germany has been canceled forever, stated organizer, Rainer Schaller. “The Love Parade was always a peaceful and joyous party that will now forever be overshadowed,” Schaller added. “Out of respect for the victims, families, and friends, we will discontinue the event. The Love Parade is no more.”