Did the Internet save Dance Music?

I think that we all remember a time when house music wasn’t a click away. Even though that seems recent to some of us, a new age is here where electronic music, techno music, disco and house music are literally one mouse click away. This means you don’t have to go clubbing or buy a CD because music can be downloaded at ease right here.

For most electronic music fans, the thought of not being able to own the music at the click of a button seems unreasonable. Download feature song Planet 909The process is so easy. Although there are many plus sides to downloading music, there is always a down side.

The music is so easily accessible there is a higher rate of music theft. For example, at one time a musician’s success was determined by how many records they sold, now they measure a songs success by how well the song sells online.

The beauty of access to electronic music online is that it has expanded and brought back music genres like techno, house, deep house It represents an era. The era of raves and partying. The internet bringing dance music back is something that neither a history textbook nor a picture can capture. For this reason, it is a wonder that electronic music is able to be preserved and continued. The world would have missed out if the internet and MP3 downloading had not come to save and grow electronic music.

That being said, most of you probably don’t remember a time that techno was out of style, and part of that is owed to downloading. Vinyl is a finite resource, believe it or not. And without the sharing of music online, part of that, and part of dance music as a whole, would be lost forever.