DJ Battle :Louie Vega vs Mike Huckaby Pure House Music

Everyone, we have a treat for you today! House music is something we love here at So we decided to do a DJ battle, between two of the best house music producers on the scene. We are going to provide you all with two tracks, one for each DJ. We want to know who you think hits the hardest. I can guarantee you, no matter who u think is the better DJ, they both bring hot house music to the table.

Mike Huckaby: Sun Ra Edits – Mike Huckaby – Sun Ra edits by Ableton

Louie Vega:  Diamond Life – LOUIE VEGA – DIAMOND LIFE by angelaellis

Now, For all you wonder, how we actually feel about the two. will actually have to give it to, Louie Vega. He to us, just ripped the track, which will tear up any dancefloor. Where are Mike Huckaby made some quality house music, he just cant top Louie Vega.