T.B.C. jumps back with Deep Seeds. A very DJ friendly track.

What a great deep house track by T.B.C.

Track Update: Deep beats and groovy bass lines hit hard on this week’s feature download.

Updated: 11/20/14
Deep & Jazzy 6 (Music For The Deep) by Synthesizers & Samplers

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Synthesizers & Samplers are back again with a remix of Tony Nova’s JHM Vol 5  named “Deep & Jazzy 6” This is a laid back jazzy house music download is very cool. Produced and up front with cool strings and pads with a very groovy baseline that will rock the house. The kick drum is very heavy of course; along with very hot Afro Cuban percussion to keep the party or playlist jumping till the late night hour. Read More

All new Jazzy House Music from Synthesizers & Samplers titled “Cosmic Voyage”

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With so many new traxx to download for your DJ Set or Podcast it’s getting tough to keep playing the classics.  Here is a new Track that you can add to that current masterpiece playlist it’s Cosmic Voyage Synthesizers & Samplers.  Take a expressive journey into paradise with this track pumping a great electric bass-line,  a rhythmic Rhodes keyboard line and a full arrangement with flutes, horn and vibes at 125 bpm.

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Get the New House Music Anthem from DJ Jes One and Jake Thomas Girl’s it’s Party Time!

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Be the first to Download and spin “Girl’s it’s Party Time”. DJ Jes One and Jake Thomas has done it again with this Club ready House Track.  This song is loaded with plenty of Bass and a Vocal Hook that will Deliver the Ladies to the Dance Floor.

We uploaded a very deep jazzy house music mix for download

As we continue to bring you rare Electronic music; We have uploaded a very deep jazzy house music mix for download. This is a quick edit mix of some of our latest Deep House and Jazzy House Downloads. It’s starts off very slow and smooth with no kick until about 2:00 minutes in the mix whien  straight deepness begins. Also featured at the end of this mix is Read More

Lady Duracell bangs the beats at links to downloads here

Hey deep house lovers we spotted a nice spot for some of your favorite electronic music.  Try, this site gives us a fresh taste of what we really want in a underground music site links to hard to find mixes. Their tag line says: “we find the music for you just sit back and enjoy” and that you can with links to hot dance music by Cabbie hat recordings & DJ Arch and so many more. And no ads

We have techno beats this week, Monday is "T.B.C. Alien Cia Agent"!

T.B.C.  Alien Cia is hot.  Download this track is an amazing mix blending straight-up house music and techno music thump embedded with an overall tech house feel. The production on the tune is cool it’s a digital transfer of the original Ron Murphy Master. The groove is hot, and you can experience your body moving from the start to the end of this hot Detroit techno sounding beat.
The groove is unconsciously paralyzing, and would light up practically any dance floor with it’s hard thumping bass! The Synthesizer organ sounds seamlessly mix together with the fat kick drum witch established the rhythm on this Hot Techno Track.
A- DJ Friendly

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