A deep house download with a hot keyboard solo named jazz & jive

This deep house download is electronic music laced with the superlative sound that jazz-funk has to offer. What pushes it over the edge is the killer keyboard solo that both ties the other sounds in concert and tickles the ears with pleasure. This is a beautiful example of sonic wonderment that is unlike anything released before. Continue reading “A deep house download with a hot keyboard solo named jazz & jive”

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Deep House Friday release update

We have uploaded the final Master of Tony Nova’s “Deep House Friday” to our digital distributors. We expect it should be available within the week please check back for artwork and free download. Thanks
Deep House Friday Download

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Be the first to download Tony Nova’s new Track "Deep House Friday"

Be the first to download the new Deep House track from Tony Nova ” Deep House Friday” Download it before it goes on sale here at dancedance.com.

Deep House Friday A hot new House Music song featuring jazzy house music flava mixed with jazz and bossa nova.

Deep House Friday Download

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Old School house Download Music called "Midnight Run"

We had to go back to the old school with this house music download. It’s was made when reason was released. We never released this track becuase of the samole loop we used was a standard preset in drrex. But it’s a hot old house sounding track worth a free download. Great House drums with a tons of techno production in the low end.

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Our Feature mp3 Release, Tony Nova’s Jazzy House Music Vibes

With over thirteen years of Electronic Music on the Internet dancedance.com releases a new Jazzy House Music song from Tony Nova. Musician/Producer Tony Nova is an expert in House Music fusion and can bond the most unique sounds at the same time. His latest offering, a Jazzy House song called Jazzy House Music Vibes Pleasure Island, sets a peaceful vibe full of bossa nova layered with a little funk plus jazzy house music. It whisks you away to a magical, indescribable place.

Download Here

The smooth guitar sets a cool, soothing rhythm that is sure to get the feet tapping in time. This is layered with a hot bass line that really grooves and keeps Continue reading “Our Feature mp3 Release, Tony Nova’s Jazzy House Music Vibes”

Another strong month of house music downloads at deepershades.net

Fans of electronic music & house music flocked to Lars Behrenroth’s, deepershades.net in September to download quality House Music. House music users flocked to the site for the Oct 3, RIP Aaron-Carl link to Aaron’s famous My House Mix. Lars also also added and a link to a great tribute story and feature at residentadvisor.net on that post.

Also Lars really hit the hard with an Official music video for South African’s Liquideep single ‘ANGEL. If you are looking to download the hottest and latest Deep House, Jazzy House or anything deep check out Lars Behrenroth and his deepershades.net Radio Network Continue reading “Another strong month of house music downloads at deepershades.net”